Gordon Brennan

Town Councillor Ward 4 Registered Candidate

Gordon is here for all residents 24/7 and is bringing expedited if not immediate assistance and solutions for any and all Oakville issues, no matter how small or large.

Together We Are Stronger



Gordon follows through with all requests and questions from residents until the work is done. Gordon never redirects or spin Doctors an issue, just straightforward upfront duty bound actions.


Gordon will always respond to all residents needs in a timely and professional manner. Always within the hour to a maximum of 8 hours response time.


Why wait for something to happen when we can have a proactive approach and overcome a problem before it starts? That’s the way Gordon has been trained to work and as Town Councillor will be no different.

About Gordon

Gordon has been a resident and homeowner in Oakville since 1994. He is a father of 2 sons Connor and Colin who were born and raised in Oakville and has been married to Sandra for 26 years. He loves animals and has owned 5 poodles over the time he has lived in Oakville.
Gordon has been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 1981 and a tutor for children on the autistic spectrum through his corporation Spectrum Tutoring. He also tutored almost 100 students at Oakville’s Sheridan College towards their graduation diplomas. Gordon has also studied Early Childhood Education (ECE) at Sheridan College.

Oakville Action Plans


Expand the town infrastructure. Remove and repair/replace program to include a weekly inspection of all hydro transformers, street lamps, fire hydrants, catch basins, sewer grates, town owned fencing, road mediums and more. Implement and repair/replace program that leaves no town capital asset in a state of disrepair at any time.

Eliminate all Town building permit fees (except for new homes) for residents’ decks, pools, additions, etc. This will increase the applications and inspections for these permits which are supposed to be for health and safety reasons, not as a cash cow revenue stream.

Immediate cancellation of all Council pre-screening of all Integrity Commissioner complaints. The Integrity Commissioner to be immediately reinstated on a full-time basis. All complaints to go directly to the Commissioner who will also resume all the duties and responsibilities that came with the position.

Real Solutions For Real Issues, Now.

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