Questions to Peter Longo

Aug 4, 2022

  • How are you going to help Ward 4 residents with rising inflation, rising food prices, rising property taxes?
  • When are you going to eliminate the tons of road salt that are dumped onto our roads in the winter months that turn our creeks and rivers into salt water?
  • When are you going to lower our property taxes instead of never-ending annual increases that are above inflation?
  • When are you going to convince councillors Knoll, Grant and Mayor Burton to stop taking political donations from Developers? (You do not take donations from Developers.)
  • What are you going to do about the $1 billion class action lawsuit that will be certified soon against the Town of Oakville?
    • a. What did you do when the Province told the Town of Oakville and its Council not to use SWF’s in their approvals for new subdivisions?
    • b. Did you read all the reports from the various Town and Provincial agencies that stated flood plains in Oakville were a serious life and death issue?
    • c. What did you do when the Town of Oakville did not include the $1 billion lawsuit in its latest financial budget?
  • How many affordable homes have you and Council made in the past 4 years? (Just the number.)
  • In which town or city is Councillor Alan Elgar currently living?
  • You take credit in helping to save Glen Abbey Golf Course from being developed. What are you doing to now save Rattlesnake Golf Course? How much in legal fees were paid out with tax dollars to save Glen Abbey? When will you convince Mayor Burton to completely release (without any redactions) all the details, documents, meeting minutes for the Saw Whet subdivision secret deal?
  • You promised you are against development. What did you do to stop Mayor Burton from (now) developing Oakville with over 10,000 new homes?
  • What specifically have you done to stop aggressive driving, DUI driving, excessive speeding, road rage in Ward 4 and in Oakville itself?
  • What have you done to squash the reports of bullying of council members by Mayor Burton?
  • How many building permits have been granted by you and Council in Oakville to Developers in the past 4 years? (Just the number.)
  • How much was Oakville’s budget in deficit in 2021, and how much did Council receive from Doug Ford to balance that budget? (Just the numbers.)
  • Why was Oakville in budget deficit?
  • How much in development charges has Town Council collected in the past 4 years? (Just the number).
    • a. What was all the money from collected development charges spent on?
  • What programs have you and Council and the Mayor’s office implemented for adult people on the autistic spectrum (over and above Erin Oak Kids), programs that help obtain full time employment?
  • What have you and Council and the Mayor’s office done to quell the increasing incidences of local violent crime especially the criminal activity involving guns?
  • It appears Glen Abbey Golf Course is on the chopping block yet again. How are you going to save it now?
  • What have you personally done to help Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees?